How to dance.


How to dance.


happy birthday Angel and sorry the rush sketch I have class at 1:00


happy birthday Angel and sorry the rush sketch I have class at 1:00


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Dance Central character named Dare.
Just wanted to contribute some art to the fandom XD


Dance Central character named Dare.

Just wanted to contribute some art to the fandom XD


*weeps bitterly* 


I was supposed to be super productive today but somehow got sidetracked. as usual xD;;


I was supposed to be super productive today but somehow got sidetracked. as usual xD;;

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my fabulous dance central cosplay group. <3 i love you all! :DD

No.  That is blackface and it is NOT okay.  It’s inappropriate and it’s offensive and it’s wrong.

Yes bless you for saying this. There is no excuse for this.

Now I really don’t see how you believe that colouring their skin is offensive. In no way are we ridiculing anyone who is black, nor are inappropriate stereotypes being played on, because this isn’t blackfacing in the first place. Wouldn’t it be more insulting if they didn’t blackface, and practically insult the character’s designs? Wouldn’t it be offensive if they decided “I won’t colour my skin because I don’t want to be black, even though that is who the character is”? 

Shouldn’t in this case, if you believe that colouring your own skin a different colour is offensive, dark skinned people not be allowed to cosplay a character outside of their race? Wouldn’t it also mean that light skinned people cannot tan, or dark skinned people cannot try to lighten their skin because that’s not “their colour”? In most cosplays, westerners are cosplaying as Asian characters (Mostly Japanese if we stick true to animes in Japanese settings), so why are there no complaints about westerner cosplaying Asians? Why isn’t it offensive in that case? 

Colouring your skin to make yourself appear dark skinned would only be offensive if the people who did it walked around and milked out horrible stereotypes and spouted the word nigger every chance they get with the excuse of “Oh I’m cosplaying a black character which means I’m allowed to do it”, which most certainly never happened the whole time with us.

What’s inappropriate about staying true to a character by means of clothes, attitude, race, and personality? Almost no one freaked out when Robert Downey Jr. blackfaced for a movie, and some didn’t even notice!

I would like to honestly hear your opinions on exactly why you believe this is offensive. Whether you decide to message me or respond directly on this post is up to you, and even outside opinions would be accepted.

Again, I rarely get involved in this kind of stuff, but I am really shocked and appalled by the lack of understanding and racial insensitivity here. Seriously. I will absolutely respond to this point by point.

I would like to begin by having my friend Lindsay, a black female cosplayer, respond after seeing these pictures of the cosplay group.

“…White people. My fucking lord.”

That kind of sums it up in a simple way, but let’s dig into this.

Yes, this is blackface. No, it isn’t blackface in the traditional, intentionally racist, intent. But does that make it any less offensive to do? No. Bad things can be done with good intentions. It doesn’t make the people bad, because they were ignorant of the issues. That’s why education regarding the issue needs to take place. Would it be insulting to the characters if they didn’t blackface? No, of course not. What kind of question is that? The decision should be “No, I won’t color my skin because I don’t want to do something with such a loaded history in America’s terrible, racist past.”

This has nothing to do with not being able to cosplay as characters outside of your race. There are beautiful black cosplayers that dress up as Sailor Moon characters for example, and it’s lovely. You just do not do things that have negative cultural significance and are offensive to people of color just to cosplay. There are white people that can dress up as Glitch, like in the image above. She’s dressing up as an Asian character, and it’s fine! Why? She didn’t yellow-face herself. She didn’t slant her eyes and use really yellow make up like THIS example of yellow-face:

THIS is offensive. Surely, you understand.

You do not have to have bad intentions to do something racist. I think this is a part that many people have to understand. Just because you did something racist does not mean you are a bad person. The point when I turn my attention to you is when you refuse to understand and acknowledge that you did something offensive. It is fine to accidentally do something bad. You didn’t know, you were educated about the issue, and apologize. However, pushing back and refusing to acknowledge that it is a problem is offensive. Again, if you saying that this isn’t a problem, you just might BE part of the problem. I personally dislike making this association, but there’s a thing called “White Privilege”. White people really don’t know what it feels like to BE another race. To have people appropriate your cultural features as costumes and be the butt of jokes and stereotypes, and historically exploited. Who are you to tell a person of color that race as an accessory is not offensive? Really.

And your last point about Robert Downey Jr. is completely misguided. Here is a quote about that character from Entertainment Weekly.

Stiller says that he and Downey always stayed focused on the fact that they were skewering insufferable actors, not African-Americans.”

They were making fun of actors that do stupid, offensive things. RDJ was playing a character that was an idiot. The character was stupid and didn’t believe that was he was doing was offensive. That was the point of the character.

If there are two things that set me off like a firecracker, it’s issues of race and LGBT issues. I absolutely could not hold this back after reading what I just responded to. Please, reflect on this. This is not an attack on any of you, unless you push back and continue to refuse to accept that this is NOT OK. People do racist things on accident all the time. It does not make you a bad person. But what you do afterwards, and how you respond to that?… That might make you a bad person.

(Sending this whole novel to you as well to let you in on some of the extra things I’ve typed that weren’t included in the journal entry. =) )

Hey! I’m jumping into this conversation before it gets farther… (Sorry it took so long, I was studying what the problem was to get a full understanding, and I also slept until… 12:00pm… Rofl.)
All right! I am the apparent leader of this cosplay group, and I am now involving myself because I understand most of it! I’ve read what a lot of people have to say, and I seriously want to fix this up!

All I ask of you all right now is to clear your mind about what ANY ONE ELSE IN THE GROUP had to say, please? Just listen to me! (They were all upset about what everyone was saying, and let emotions run high.)

None of us meant to upset any of you! The fact that everyone is angry at us over this confirms that we need to stop. We were all stubborn about it initially because we were thinking about accuracy. About staying true to the characters and keeping the costumes completely accurate.

I’ll be honest right now and tell you that I have no idea what the fuss is all about. As I literally have no idea what race has to do with anything. I realise you were all put through a lot not too long ago… But I’m a very ‘right now’ kind of person, and I just love everyone… And don’t understand why every one else can’t do the same.

BUT. We will DEFINITELY stop what we’re doing with this cosplay group because you’re all upset about it. I want you to be happy with the group! I really thought you’d all be excited about how there was finally a full Dance Central group… I didn’t think we’d all be getting political about it.

I’m really sad that everyone is feeling so angry about this, and I want everyone to talk to me about it! Here are my questions:

1. Is the only thing you need done that we stop painting ourselves? Ist hat all you need? If there’s anything else, please tell us and we’ll fix it.

2. I painted myself as Angel as well. I’m super white (Norwegian actually.) Please give me all the hate that you’ve been throwing toward my best friends. Because I’m just as guilty as you think they are. I deserve it too.

3. Please just… Stop being upset! It’s all in the past now. Don’t post any more! Because we’re all people, and none of us like fighting. So, let’s put it behind us and make up, all right?

I am going to be extremely blunt with you. Your response reeks of White Privilege. You start by saying you understand most of it, but your words show that you really don’t. I appreciate that you apologize for what your friends said when they were angry, but let me point out several things that you have just said to us.

“We will DEFINITELY stop what we’re doing with this cosplay group because you’re all upset about it.”

You’re stopping because we’re all upset about it? Right there, you’re not stopping because you recognize what you did was wrong, or that you are learning more about racial issues and the heavy history or blackface. You’re stopping just because WE are upset.

“I didn’t think we’d all be getting political about it.”

Where do you live that you are that blind to issues of race? Have you ever thought about asking a bunch of black people around you to see what they thought about what you were doing?… Do you even HAVE black people around you? Or do you not associate with any?

“Is the only thing you need done that we stop painting ourselves? Ist hat all you need?”

“The only thing”? “Is that all you need?”
Did you really just say that? Do you know belittling that is? YOU are in a position of privilege as a white person, and you tell people of color, “Oh, is this the only thing that bothers you? This little thing? Is that it? Is that all you need to stop?” This just reinforces what we all think of you. That you have no understanding, no sympathy, no desire to lean about racial issues. You are completely comfortable doing whatever the hell you want in your position of privilege as long as people don’t say things that make you sad. It isn’t that you want to learn WHY we feel this way. It’s that you don’t like feeling sad.

“Because I’m just as guilty as you think they are.” 


With that sentence you put all of the blame on those of us offended. You put the blame of conflict on people of color. You accuse people of color that we “keep thinking everything is racist!” and that all of you white people are completely innocent and that we are overreacting. You are RIDICULOUS. That sentence up there should read “Because I’m just as guilty as they are.”

Pft. “think”

“Please just… Stop being upset! It’s all in the past now. Don’t post any more!”

“Hey colored people, stop being upset at us white people wearing your features as costumes! Stop being upset because we still don’t think that we are wrong are you are all overreacting! Stop being upset because we didn’t intend to be racist and therefore that means that we are automatically not doing racist things!”

As long as I see people being completely ignorant about issues of race, I will NOT be quiet. I will not be silenced. Especially when your words continue to emphasize how WE, the minority/people of color, are the ones that are wrong when it comes to issues of race like this.

A lovely person sent me this gif on twitter today that I think represents this entire thing pretty nicely.

For people that haven’t been keeping up -> tldr:
white people do blackface
people of color are offended
white people go “WE NOT RACIST U R”
people of color get angry and respond with valid points
white people go “lol ok stop arguing, u think u right so watevs, we stop lol”

I understand you’re upset, but do you really have to keep going? It was just a mistake. We WEREN’T doing it to make fun. We weren’t doing it in an attempt to upset you. And now we’re telling you that we’re going to stop (which is what everyone was asking for to begin with) and you continue to yell about it? What are you trying to get out of this now? If you need someone to vent toward, please… Go ahead! We can Skype is out, or something. I just don’t want you to continue being upset about something that I want to be able to resolve!

I never thought the first conversation with my idol would go this way… What do I have to say to get you to forgive me?

You DO realize I responded to you saying THIS, right?

I’m really sad that everyone is feeling so angry about this, and I want everyone to talk to me about it! Here are my questions:”

Did you SERIOUSLY just ask why I kept going and responded to you when in your own words, you ASKED for people to answer your questions?

You are upset that people are answering questions that you asked?

No, I’m not. I’m just trying to have a conversation with you that doesn’t involve terms like ‘white privilege’ or ‘white ppl’. I know that I happen to be white. But I also know that I didn’t do anything to purposely offend you, and I deserve to at least be spoken to with the tiniest bit of respect. It was a mistake. And we now know what was wrong with it, and won’t do it again. I’m an understanding human being, and I respond much better to calm speaking than bullying.
Sorry for having to be blunt, and sorry for offending everyone. We will stop.

Oh! Except it DIDN’T stop, did it?

I had no desire to continue talking to you defenders of the blackface after what you posted above. (I had no desire to talk to any of you in the first place, after the blackface was brought to my attention by Heather, but the way some of you talked to Bria and Claire for being CORRECT made my blood boil so I had to.) So I thought I’d leave it at what you said and not comment further. I said what I had to say calmly, was then argued against, made my point more aggressively, and then had you complain against how words like “white privilege” make your feewings hurt.

But then you sent me this on twitter, when I was going to just let this be:

I’m not sure if you’re just completely oblivious as to how you’re acting or what… but what?

If you have not been paying attention to how things have been flowing in these responses, I was completely calm and rational in my first post. In your response to me, you shifted all blame to those offended, continuing to proclaim that your friends did NOTHING wrong because of intent, when we had explained to you that it was a problem. You said “We get it now, we do!” while uttering words that clearly showed you didn’t get it.

Not only did you not even respond to my actual points, you got on my case for the words that I used? “White privilege” makes you uncomfortable? You don’t want me to use it? How about the fact that it FITS. Because all you’ve done is push all accountability off of you and your friends while claiming you “get” why everyone is upset, when you clearly don’t. It isn’t about cosplaying people of color. It boggles the mind that I even have to explain why blackface is offensive. It boggles my mind even more that you all continue to insist that the blackface your friends did is completely fine and that it is US that continue to “think” things are offensive. That you think this is some kind of fucking “difference of opinion”.

Why does white privilege make you uncomfortable? Many of us have privilege. I have cis male privilege, but I don’t have the almighty straight, white cis male privilege. Being male, I try my best to be as understanding as possible to others in the gender spectrum. If I did something to offend the female or transgendered community, I would apologize, saying that I didn’t know better. I would back down. I wouldn’t fight back saying that I am not to blame because of intent. People made fun of old white men making laws about what women can or cannot do with their bodies because what do they know about women! Think about that in the context of THIS situation.

I have actually gotten (anon) messages that I am a racist against white people.

This is akin to an idiot straight dude screaming “Well, YOU’RE a MISANDRIST” when he’s been called out for his misogyny. 

I remember David Gaider’s beautiful quote in this instance:
“Privilege is when you think that something’s not a problem because it’s not a problem for you personally”

You have white privilege. No hiding it. But everyone can check their privilege and apologize when they step over their boundaries and then back down. You did none of that, and anyone can see in your words how you felt about the situation. I dissected your post previously, so I need not repeat what you said. That should be clear enough. But I must reiterate the fact that you did not bow out gracefully. You didn’t just say “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t understand all the heavy issues of race and blackface. We’re all extremely sorry and we’ll do our best to be more aware and educated.”

No, you guys immediately fought, setting off a TON of people. When I refer to “you guys” I am referring to YOU, and the 1 other person that responded like an idiot earlier. Many of the cosplayers in your group were probably unaware and very sorry that this all happened, and they’re ok because they haven’t said anything STUPID. Even now, your apologies are laced with blame-shifting and are ingenuine at best. You are even silly enough to call our white friend a “racist” against white people for calling you out. No dear, she just hates stupidity.

You are a jackass.

You called me jerk for having a level-headed post attempting to educate you, receiving a ridiculous response, and getting immensely frustrated with it? Am I a jerk for posting this now AFTER YOU PRODDED AT ME on twitter after this should have been buried away along with your shame?

“Oh what a jerk. He totally called me out on my half-hearted apology!”
“What a jerk. I asked people to respond to me, but then he responded to me! Like, what!”
“Man, that jerk. I didn’t ACTUALLY want people to tell me why I was wrong when I asked!”

Then sure. Call me a jerk for reacting against people refusing to understand. For using terms that make you “uncomfortable.” May I have an opportunity to tell you what you’ve come off as this entire time?

Privileged brats that don’t know when you’re wrong or when to stop.

You prodded me for no good reason out of the blue when things could have simply been buried and ignored. I am done trying to get you to understand what is wrong with your language and how you treat the issue of race.

I wouldn’t recommend aggravating me further.

Aaaw, baaaby! I’ve gotten to the point where your ignorant comments really don’t phase me anymore! Great job at arguing angrily!! You should write more. :) -claps- I adore how you’re not sending irrelevant capital sentences anymore, but you’re keeping the hate for no reason! I feel a bit bad for you.

It’s funny. Saying my comments are ignorant. And this is coming from?… Oh?

A redneck entitled privileged brat from Alberta? The South of the North?

This was my favorite comment about you’ve been spewing out of your face-sphincter:

As for you whining about angry replies to you, do you not know what it feels like to be marginalized? Oh, hahaha of course you don’t you privileged piece of trash. Anger and impassioned speech is how we fight for what we deserve as humans and equality has never come from meek polite attitudes.

Man, I have friends from Alberta, and they HAVE told me there isn’t a lot of diversity and a lot of ignorant people live there but goddamn. Experiencing it first hand here.

“Waaaaaah, I have no more valid statements and arguments so I’m gonna attack the WAY you’re talking to me instead to try to steer the argument into a direction where I can perceive that I’m in control again!”